Mr. Ahmed Said

       Ahmed Said was born in Cairo in 1927 and passed away late 1986 after 59 years full of hard work and honorable achievements on both levels, Personal and Business.

He graduated from Foad Al Awal University (Cairo University now) in 1948 where he got his Bachelor Degree in Business Administration.

Right after his graduation, he travelled around Europe in a time when travelling outside Egypt was not a common thing to do; but his curious and adventurous personality drove him to explore different cultures and acquire new experiences.

Ahmed Said was born a natural leader, a visionary businessman who was able to look further than anyone else, with strong entrepreneurial spirit, exceptional management skills and unparalleled problem solving ability. As a result, his marks in leadership, people’s management, business ethics, values and goodwill are and will always be remembered and highly looked at where he worked.

His inspiring mission in life was: “in pursuit of excellence”, which he enforced and lived to achieve in his family life and his professional career.

His professional life was very rich since the early 50s, after he came back from his long trip to Europe. He acquired communication and management skills that were not common at that time in Egyptian local companies. This helped him work easily with foreigners and pursue a career in several multinational companies.

1949 – 1951 Exxon (ESSO) Petroleum, Egypt: Purchasing Officer.

1951 – 1956 Coca Cola International, Egypt: Plant Development Officer.

1956 – 1958 Coca Cola Proche Orient,Lebanon: Regional Plant Development Officer – Responsible for Kuwait, Iraq and Cyprus.

1958 – 1962 Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Egypt: Purchasing Manager.

1962 – 1964 Aouf Brothers Textiles, Egypt: Business Development Manager.

1964 – 1966 BVD Textiles, USA: BVD’s Local Representative in Egypt.

1966 – 1974 Hightex Knittings, Egypt: Business owner and CEO.

1968 – 1974 Atelier Modern, Egypt: Founder and GM - Children Clothes Design, Manufacturing and Distribution.

1974 – 1986 Ahmed Said & Company, Egypt: Founder and CEO for Supply and Installation of Pre-fabricated buildings, Corrugated metal sheets, Boilers and Steel Tubes for industrial purposes, Knitting and Sewing machines as well as spare parts. He was also agent of several Italian, German, Swiss and Indian firms such as Officcini Landini, Fouquet, Memminger, Union Special and India Steel among others.

1975 – 1979 Delta Industries, Egypt: Founder, Partner and CEO to manufacture and sell Jockey cotton underwear under license from Jockey International, USA.

1979 – 1986 Egyptian Garments JET, Egypt: Co-Founder, Partner and CEO to manufacture high quality knitted fabrics and cotton underwear. The company has grown over the years and is now considered one of the top players in the textile sector in Egypt. It is currently run by his son Sherif Ahmed Said, CEO and his daughter Dalia Ahmed Said, HR Manager and expanded to the Gulf market.


         “ in pursuit of excellence ”…….

Ahmed Said 1927 - 1986