Mr. Makram Osman 

    Makram Osman was born in 1922 in Abou Korkas, Menya in a family of entrepreneurs. The revolution of 1952 gave him an overwhelming desire to become a contributor in the development of Egypt. This passion forced him to change his profession from farming to a business industrialist. The desire and the dedication of creating business, second to none, gave birth to all his success starting 1957.

Makram Osman graduated from the Jesuites Schools in Cairo, then from the Faculty of Agriculture where he obtained his Bachelor Degree.

Due to his fluent French language and entrepreneurial spirit, he started building very strong ties with major European and French companies interested in the Egyptian market. Such as:

  • 1958 VOEST (Austria) Supply specialized steel to the Egyptian Army.
  • 1960 FERRIMPORT (Yugoslavia) Supply steel sheet for train wagons to the Egyptian National Railways.
  • 1962   BBC (Germany) Building of power stations to Ministry of Energy.
  • 1963   KOLMEX (Poland) Supply of wheel sets and tires for trains to the Egyptian National Railways
  • 1967   SIMMERING GRAZ PAUKER (Austria) Building of Abukir Power Station.
  • 1975   ENSIDESA (Spain) Supply of 30.000 tons of train rails to the Egyptian National Railways.
  • 1978   SOGELERG-SEDIM (France) Construction of Ain-Shams Hospital.
  • 1978   ALSTOM (France) Supply of 52 trains for the Cairo underground project.
  • 1980   INTERINFRA (France) Building of all Cairo Underground 1st line Helwan/El-Merg.
  • 2002   INTERINFRA (France) Building of all Cairo Underground 2nd line Giza/Shoubra-El-Kheima.
  • 2007   VINCI+ Alstom + Thales + Colas Rails + Alcatel (France) Building of Cairo Underground 3rd line Phase 1 Ataba /Heliopolis and the arrangement of French governmental financing to support the Egyptian government.
  • 2009   VINCI+ Alstom + Thales + Colas Rails + Alcatel (France) Building of Cairo Underground 3rd line Phase 2 Ataba /Heliopolis and the arrangement of French governmental financing to support the Egyptian government.

Makram Osman’s passion to support Egyptian Businessmen and Egyptian companies with a true potential to add value to the Egyptian economy, drove him to found, invest, and co-partner in the following companies: 

  • 1977 Union Carbide, which became Ralston Purina, then Eveready and finally Energizer-Egypt isa factory that manufactures dry cell batteries.
  • 1979 TICO, a restaurant management and catering company which started as an Italian restaurant: Il Capo as well as an English Style Pub: B’s Corner in Zamalek, one of Cairo’s most prestigious neighborhoods. Today it’s the leading company in the market in casual dining and catering and owns a prestigious chain of restaurants called Crave.
  • 1981 Egyptian Garments Company - Jet, a factory produce high quality knitted fabrics, underwear, home wear and sportswear mainly from fine quality cotton.
  • 1984 Sofitrans a shipping, forwarding and clearing company, was launched through a joint venture between Sofico and SCTT, the French international forwarder.
  • 1986 SIFE - Jacob Delafon to manufacture sanitary fittings and bathroom accessories in chromium plated brass.  Societe Industrielle Franco-Egyptienne (SIFE) is a joint venture with France’s Jacob Defalon, today owned by the Kohler Group of the USA.
  • 1988 Misr Compressors, an industrial manufacturing company specialized in refrigerators compressors.
  • 1995 Soficom Egypt 3rd Internet service provider and grew to be one of the top companies in the market.  
  • 1996 Sofisport was launched to establish, and operate, prestigious sports facilities in Egypt.
  • 1996 Dar El Fouada world-class-medical-care hospital in Egypt with unique and high quality medical services.
  • 1997 Sofitrade was formed to import and distribute canned and packed food, and non-food, products from the United States to various European countries. 
  • 1997 Sofipet was established to distribute oil well casing, tubing and line pipe.
  • 1997 Petrotubluar was established to stock tubular products in its free zone of Aemreya.
  • 1998 Sofisat is a turnkey, satellite-based telephone, to connect rural areas with an advanced proprietary satellite communication technology.